One last Thanks to LC

Last night the BTN premiered it Legends of the Big Ten, Lloyd Carr edition.  The show was good but I thought this quote was important for all of you to remember:

"First, you as a Michigan Man, are a part of something that is bigger than you are. And if you don't understand that then you don't understand what it is.  It starts with being a team guy, a guy that is going to give everything he has, he's going to play for his teammates, he's going to play for Michigan, he's going to try to win for Michigan and in a nutshell that's what it means to me." - Lloyd Carr

Even as things change: new offense, new pregame entrance, new Victors Walk, new muscle mass, new stadium, new tailgate equipment... whether you are a student, a player, a fan or more importantly a UMTailgater, remember...