Check List

I've woken up early the last two mornings. Tuesday at 8 am and Wednesday at 9.15 am in an effort to prepare myself for the first tailgate. Unfortunately neither of those times are really that early compared to the actual time the alarm is going to go off Saturday morning. As the Spindoctors said, "It's not late its early, early." I disagree. In my life 5 am is time to go to bed not get up. Anyhow 5.45 am is going to be a harsh reality but hopefully that will be the only thing Saturday representative of that description. I'm scared! And excited! And scared!

(NOTE: Did the David Terrell interview during the Big Ten Network replay of the 2000 orange bowl freak anyone else out besides me?)

Anyhow, over the past few days (besides watching inappropriate amounts of the Big Ten Network) I've been putting together a check list to get myself prepared for my trip out to Ann Arbor. I tried to recap the things I've accomplished over the last few months as well as any last minute tasks I needed to complete before my flight. Here's what I came up with...

Check list:

1) Warm up. I had a foot long veggie delight from Subway with yellow peppers and jalapenos in anticipation of any potential feats of strength competitions.

2) Work out regimen. I drove roundtrip to Rochester, New York Wednesday, a total of 700 miles and on my way back down I stopped in Syracuse, New York at Dinosaur bbq.  FYI, I got the Sampler Extreme.

3) Hydration. Was at a wedding Saturday that started at 3pm. Got home at 1am. (As if I really needed the wedding as an excuse...)

4) Mindset. Spent an hour Monday with a shrink for the first time however even he couldn't help calm my fears about our offensive line.

5) Check vital signs. I've been keeping an eye on my cholesterol for the last year. Got that baby up from 200 to 260. "More pork sausages mom!"

6) Nutrition. Now that my official weight surpasses the aero mattress maximum (which is totally fine because now I don't need to come up with an excuse to sleep on the floor) and most plastic lawn chairs and rapidly approaching, ironically enough, the "Wii fit" weight limit I'm all set for Saturday's festivities!

This outdoor set would be simply out of the question...

With that said I'll leave you with the thought of the day...

Leading up to the 8am tailgate there's often panic about getting to "our spot." But frankly who the hell is lining up at 7.30 am to pay $40 for entry that doesn't already know where they're parking?!

See you soon!!