Double Trouble

By Emily Dumphy

When asked by the Webmaster to create a post prior to the season opener, I felt truly flattered. Then skeptical. I pondered why he'd want me to contribute to this otherwise male-dominated forum. Are they targeting a new demographic and want more women read the site? Maybe they're seeking the perspective of a Mid-Westerner turned West coaster on Big Ten sports? Or perhaps it is my intelligent wit that makes me a candidate for blogging. Then I figured it out.

It's my rack. My knockersjugstitscans etcetera.

You see, this is me in the above photo; I was the "face" of this site for a period of time after the shot was taken and had my bazumbas plastered on far longer than I would have liked. I admit, I willingly (with the aid of a 9 a.m. twack of Budweiser) and proudly posed for this. But the reason for being a proud subject also happens to be the subject of this post - my t-shirt collection.

The obsession began with a dark heather gray Russell T with "BAMA" emblazoned across the front. Bought at a garage sale in 1996, this softer than chenille article made me crazy for the vintage t-shirt and I never looked back. In twelve years I have searched out and amassed an arsenal of t-shirts that could ring in at least a couple grand on eBay. Pre-Calvin and Hobbes anti-Buckeye fun - check. Big head NBA Larry Bird "Shootist Maximus" - done. Michigan Rose Bowl shirts too many to count. Fabric worn so thin you could clearly make out Goody's tatoos easily (I'm just sayin). Color combinations of maize and blue that would rival Moe's on North University. I have been stacking these into my closet, rotating what I have in storage for years now, making sure each garment has its chance in the sun, its day of glory.

In fact, the first shirt was designed and manufactured by me, sacrificing one of my trophy tops - the result, a light heather blue/navy ringer form hugging fit. Perfect home team "support" if you ask me.

Each piece is unique and perfectly worn in. Every one handpicked to become an integral part of my life and happiness. My shirts come into my daily rotation far less than I wish for. But each time I slip one on it is like I have had it on forever, kind of like an old friend.

Which is where I attempt to bring this post around from apparel to the subject at hand....friends, gathering, Saturdays in Ann Arbor. I feel so lucky to have amassed a collection of acquaintances over the past decade of meeting on the golf course. Even though I may not visit often, each time I do it is as reliable as a favorite t-shirt.

So raise your glass and toast to crisp Saturdays, cozy t's, well-worn friendships and to Tuba never wearing a midriff ever again.

See you all Saturday and Go Blue!