We Laugh At Your Attempts At Hockey Crowd Records

Hard to believe, but Michigan played Michigan State in hockey, outside at Spartan Stadium, over seven years ago.  They billed it as the Cold War, and it drew 74,554 fans, eclipsing a record (55,000) held previously by an area that played a part in the real Cold War...Moscow.  It was an amazing event (minus the cement laden venue in hell on Earth) right up until the end, where it ended in a tie.  Everybody knows a tie is like kissing your sister, and in this case it was even worse because it was like kissing your little brother.  So epic, yet so unsatisfying.

Enter the Wisconsin Badgers, who have decided to drum up a limited skirmish in Madison next February featuring the fair Wolverines.  The contracts are all but signed, and let me tell you, as Madison is my imaginary second home, that they will fill that stadium.  The drinking abilities and spirit of that town, coupled with the rabid traveling posse that would follow the Wolverines anywhere...even Columbus...and you've got yourself a recipe for a record crowd watching a hockey game.  That's going to take the record away from Sparty, and there's nothing wrong with that.  They'll be left with their record low number of Big Ten football titles, so ya, nice.

While we the Wolverines will have enjoyed participating in the two largest crowds ever to witness ice hockey, we also enjoy filling our own stadium with 100,000+ every football weekend.  Ahem, that's every weekend since 1975.  So we've decided that we will allow Badger Stadium to enjoy their record crowd...for 10 months.  After 10 months, when we're coming off of a seven game home football slate showcasing our new stadium, and making plans for a BCS bowl game, we will host our own hockey game, capacity 108,000.  When the ice dust has settled, Michigan will once again be #1, and unbeatable until they find a way to host a hockey game at MIS.  Michigan will have played in front of the #1,#2, and #3 largest crowds in ice hockey, which basically reminds the sports world that WE ARE THE SHIT.