A Colt Following

Just when you thought we were done with football until Freshman arrival, Michigan made the news by having a point guard visit football practice.  Greg Paulus wants to play football, and after visiting with the Green Bay Packers, he set his sights higher and knocked on RichRod's door.  Listen, this ain't gonna happen.  I'm really not interested in player rental, and RichRod shouldn't be either.  Kinda makes us look desperate.

Rittenburg heard from Jason Forcier, grabbing this quote from a Tate to Jason brotherly phone call:

Tate is not worried about (Paulus's visit). Colt McCoy can be transferring into Michigan and it wouldn't faze Tate one bit. He is one of the most competitive kids I know."

My only hope is that Colt takes the bait and shows up on campus.  I kid, I kid.  He'd have to sit out and stuff.  Then again, Paulus would have to as well, if he could transfer at all, unless he found a work around to reactivate the Ryan Mundy rule.  Looks like Jason Forcier is trying that workaround too.  But he's never going to play, so can't he just be a clipboard holding GSA?  Anyway, if you mix Jason's quote with Tate's previous quote...

My goal is to be a little bit like Colt McCoy. It's almost nearly the same size and speed. It's possible I may have a stronger arm than him.

...you find that the Forcier boys are obviously Colt McCoy fans.  Hook'em horns, eh?