Please Exit the Bandwagon in an Orderly Fashion

My biggest concern is what the State of Michigan will do now that Michigan State choked like a bitch in the championship game.  Poverty, homelessness, joblessness...they were all coming to an end.  The bad economy was to be carried out on the shoulders of Tom Izzo and some dude from Bosnia, but now our woes will continue.  Why?  Because somebody decided to embrace this "Michigan State is saving the world" bullshit, and forgot that there was a basketball game to play.

Ha ha, I couldn't be happier.

The press wanted this to be bigger than what it was.  Izzo and East Lansing took the bait, and set several championship game records of futility.

And for the Michigan fans that decided to Go Green for the weekend, I will chalk it up to you latching on to a winning team with some type of close proximity to where you live, to the fact that maybe you know a Sparty or are friends with a Sparty, or that you got lucky with one of the prostitutish coeds during your formative years.  I believe that you wouldn't have even blinked if they were ousted in the first round, in fact you probably would have chuckled a bit.  I think by halftime you were chuckling tonight.  They call that the bandwagon.  Don't feel bad, we've all jumped aboard a bandwagon or two in our lives.  I forgive you.  Even you Lloyd.  It's probably the right thing to do for someone in that position.  Just remember it for next time.

Because I promise you that you will never hear Dantonio praise John Beilein.