Adding to Reasons Why Delaware State Was a Stupid Idea

It's probably no surprise to you that I am not a big fan of the Michigan Football scheduling lately.  I'm really hoping that they are going to bring a heavy hitter in here to open the Big House in 2010...perhaps agreeing to some kind of interesting home-at-home.  But until that day comes, we have to endure directional Michigan and Delaware State.  Great.

Delaware State made the news today, becoming the first team to lose a game in the 2009 college football season.  In order to get the cash and prizes associated with coming to the Big House...they are forfeiting their previously scheduled game against North Carolina A&T.  Their game with A&T was a CONFERENCE GAME.  We have a team on our schedule that forfeited a conference game to play us.  Christ.

That's all I've got.