Tailgaters Gather to Celebrate the End of a Man and Woman's Freedom

Sometimes real life and tailgate life intersect.  Actually, at this point, perhaps tailgate life IS real life, which, while seemingly depressing to someone outside this group, I assure you it isn't.  Though we always pine for autumn gatherings, we don't really live for the tailgate.  What we have found in the group certainly transcends Michigan Football.  Trust me, if we could find a suitable reason to get together every weekend, we would.  And when the joint bachelor-bachelorette party celebrating two of our own was offered up, we came running.  Chicago, Illinois served as the host for the debauchery, and the day included catching the Cubs-Astros from the bleachers at Wrigley, kegs and towers of beers at Red Ivy, and dunkels and shot-skis at Uberstein...followed by some stuff that should never be talked about.  Which wouldn't matter to me, because I don't really remember anything after I accosted a bartender for not allowing me to drink from one of the many inviting das boots on the shelf.  Later, I would attempt to uproot a tree, and go "rockstar" on my hotel room, nearly impaling myself on a table leg.  So, ya, it was a good time.  And let me tell you, this is gonna be one hell of a wedding.

Special thanks to FryDaddy and Kelly for putting the entertainment together.