Not Doing Wonders For My Tate Confidence Level

I've always been a little uneasy about the QBForce website.  I remember looking at it for the first time back when Tate was scanning all of his offer letters and posting them on there.  Sure, there are players out there that think they are the shit, and they talk some trash or seem smug or arrogant when talking to the media.  But this whole Brothers McQuarterback dedication site is just a little on the creepy side.  Honestly, it seems to be only about a step away from having a picture of Dad Forcier's penis emblazoned across the top of it.

As reported on Deadspin, Chris Forcier is transferring from UCLA to Furman.  New coaching staff comes in, quarterback transfers...we know this story.  But what is particularly interesting is the press release is that it is a list of "facts" about Chris, about the UCLA situation, and his desire to wear #7 again like he did in high school.
Fact: I was practice player of the week as a freshman multiple times.

Fact: I want to be part of the "Greatness of Fuhman University" academic's.

I am really really hoping that the Forcier family is sitting in a room somewhere laughing their collective asses off.  I hope that they are being funny, putting a comedic spin on things.  Because if this is serious, and Chris is as in love with himself as he seems to be...then I would imagine that we've got our own version of this problem suiting up on Saturdays in less than 90 days.