Summer Roundup, Find Us A New Home Edition: 7/13/2009

Ya, we've (I've) been dormant for a while.  Not to make excuses, but the group is suffering from a little shell shock about recently becoming homeless.  With the new rules over at AAGO, we are actively seeking another venue to continue the traditions we've been building for the better part of 15 years in our spot by the green.  Fear not friends and fans, we will just might have to come and find us.  Maybe in this age of twitter and iphones we'll be able to figure it all out somehow.  In the meantime, if you have a spot you think might suit us, one with similar pricing, open space, and a location near the stadium, be sure to contact me at frank at umtailgate dot com.

During the layoff, I also neglected to mention the marrying off of the second of the Godfather's two daughters, affectionately known as the Princess.  It will certainly be a house divided, as the groom prefers the kelly green and gold over the Maize and Blue.  Congrats to the two of them...and to the Godfather who has finally alleviated himself of all financial burdens not related to football.  We expect big things, big tickets, more food, and more participation out of the Godfather now that he has nothing else to spend his money on. 

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