Rich Rod's Last Year?

A writer from West Virginia has decided that this year will be the last year for Rich Rodriguez at Michigan.  The whole article oozes ignorance.

Although most coaches get at least three years to prove themselves, I'm convinced Rodriguez is only going to get two

That's just not the way things are done here.  We don't have relations with our siblings, we don't have mullets, and we don't fire coaches that are about to have back to back top 10 recruiting classes without seeing what he is going to do with the talent.  He would have to solicit a prostitute on Hoover St (consequently a great street name to pick up a prostitute) to be fired this year.  The ripple effect and aura of instability would plague the program for 10 years.  No matter what you think of Rich Rod, you should know that we are going to ride it out with him.  Oh, and this just in...we're going to win games this year.  Hat tip to Freep, original article here (comments are great on this one so be sure to scroll down).