Chewing on That

The "little article that could" made the rounds today, in the end likely accomplishing what the author set out to do...piss off Michigan fans, stir up some shit, and get featured on mgoblog.  Brian was up to the task.  You know it's mid-summer in the football loving world when people are spending time on an article called "Chew on this one for a while."

Jaime Samuelson, who consequently, like, lost his job yesterday, blogged on the Freep about how WVA-RichRod will always be a hot topic.  "Always" might be a stretch.  I mean, if RichRod wins at Michigan, he will cease to belong in any way to West Virginia.  He will be Ann Arbor's native son.  His time in Morgantown will be long forgotten.  If time passes with continued success for RichRod at Michigan, you might even find some old Mountaineers re-claiming him for the sake of posterity...

"You speak of legendary Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez?  Well, he is from right here in West Virginia!  Made his chops right as a Mountaineer.  We are so proud of his success."

Ahhhh.  A man can dream.  Jaime reminds ye of little faith...

Rodriguez has won every single place he's gone. And every single place he's gone, there has been a period of transition. This never was about some Urban Meyer-esque overnight success story. This was about taking a program that was a perennial conference contender and turning it into a perennial national title contender. We all knew it was going to take time.

Change people...  Change.  Half of you idiots were all about it when it came to the country...but you're afraid of it now that it pertains to your football team.  Get on board.  You, me, a coach that is consistently on lists like this, and Hell's Bells blaring on 3rd down.

Go Blue!