Plus One...Minus One

Livonia tailback Austin White committed to Michigan today over Michigan State.  Had he committed to Michigan State, there would be 10 articles in various publications telling you about how Michigan State is winning the recruiting war and Dantonio is a living genius.  But since White went Blue, it's just another ho-hum blue chip commit for Rodriguez.  But my friends tell me I should stop worrying about what everybody else while I stand by the adage that perception is reality, this is one hell of a pick up for a class that is shaping up to be one of our best ever.

None of this changes the fact that I get a creepy feeling when I follow recruiting.

Meanwhile, lineman Kurt Wermers is leaving the program, citing the obligatory family values and "not getting along with the players being brought in" instead of admitting that practice is too hard and that he's a girl that needs a father figure to coddle him.  And awwww, you're not making any friends.  Is it because they're so much faster than you that you can't catch them to talk to them?

So, he will go to Ball State and try to cling to remnants of the old regime.  No doubt Lloyd steered him there to spoon with Stan Parrish, who according to his bio tutored Tom Brady.  Stan took over for Brady Hoke, and will be a head coach for the first time since being dismissed from K-State after amassing a 2-30-1 record over a period of three years.  But hey, at least you won't have to run to the line of scrimmage, right Kurt?  And you won't have to worry about what round you are going to be drafted in either.