Weekend Roundup, Breakin' Rules Edition: July 27, 2009

What you missed this week on the internet while making pork rinds...

  • Rittenburg goes over the home run threats in the Big Ten.  14 players are named, 3 of which come from our fair Wolverines.

  • Deadspin noticed that the Detroit Lions are offering up a chance for you to relive the 2008 season.

  • Michigan announced that fan day will occur on August 23rd.  Because I am a masochist, I will link this information from the Toledo Blade.

  • The 10 worst BCS teams as reported by Maxim magazine... Michigan is #10.  I just canceled my subscription.

  • Notre Dame put together an alumni squad, coached by Lou Holtz, and went to Japan to play the Japanese American Football Team.  They won 19-3.  Yes, a Japanese American Football team exists, not a Japanese-American football team, but an American Football team comprised of Japanese people...in Japan.  Got it?  Me neither.

  • MGoBlue's latest construction photos highlight the impending destruction of the current pressbox, scheduled for November 2009 according to one of the captions.  I think we all get to take a piece with us after we beat Ohio State.

  • In an attempt to consolodate the number of times you hit refresh during a typical workday, Varsity Blue has been absorbed by MGoBlog.  It's a monopoly!

  • Shaun King wants Michigan fans to know that everything is going to be alright.  "You can still win football games running the football, playing great defense. But the thing is, when you get in a bowl game - and I'm talking national championship, Im not taking the fourth-place Big Ten team versus the fourth-place ACC team; Im talking the big games, the Floridas, the Oklahomas, the Southern Cals - you arent used to going against that type of athlete all year. It's culture shock.  Rodriguez is changing that about Michigan."  Sold!

  • Justin Feagin, who I clamored to have become the starter at QB last season, has done something really really really bad.  What it was, we don't know.  What we do know is that he's no longer an option at QB, WR, or DB.

  • Rittenburg has 3 predictions for the Wolverines for 2009.  Prediciton #1 is very bold, and if it happens, #3 is a lock.