Midweek Roundup, Hoops Abound

Mustaches for Michigan is gaining some steam in a grass roots effort.  The basic premise?  Grow out your lip hair to show your support for Michigan in a "screw you, I love RichRod" kinda way.  Hey, I'm all for it, just don't think I can have a respectable one before September 5th.  Cook is all for it of course.  He doesn't have to do anything.  Damn hippies.

The '09-'10 

Michigan Basketball schedule is out, and it looks spectacular.  Sure Arkansas Pine Bluff and Houston Baptist are patsies, but we've got Kansas at Kansas in December, and UCONN coming to Crisler in the middle of the Big Ten slate.  Resume?  Check.  Wins?  TBD.

Staying with basketball, Manny and DeShawn are on the Wooden watch list.  When's the last time we had two players listed in the top 50 in America?  I don't know.  According to the sanction abbreviated record books, I'm guessing never.

Next time your girl says she can drive, know that she's probably lying.  And somehow, someway, CNN finds a way to blame the economy.

This Sunday marks "Michigan Fan Day" and it will take place and the spanking new house that Al Glick built/bought.

And finally...MVictors got an exclusive interview with The Godfather's favorite Wolverine, Mark Messner.

That's it.  Two weeks and two days.  God help us all.