Weekend Roundup: Earth Rotating in the Proper Direction Again Edition, 9/15/2009

It's time to get back to being Arrogant Michigan Fan.

We won.  You lost.  We won because we're better than everybody else, on and off the field.  We are the greatest college football team of all time, representing the best academic Univerisity of all time...the rest of you can get in line behind us.

Ha ha ha, hee hee hee...Central Michigan beat Michigan State.  Compounding my glee is that it came on the day that Dantonio's extension was announced, and just a couple weeks after Michigan State signed up to play directional Michigan in a round robin fashion for many years to come.  Little brother will never learn.  No matter what you do, no matter who you get to lead your band of misfits, you will still be dumb.  You're dumb.  There's nothing you can do about being so damn dumb.  From stupid penalties to drugged up quarterbacks to having your heroes shoot themselves in the leg...literally.  That is who you are, and that is who you will always be.

Sure, the events of the final 30 seconds all broke in the Chippewas' favor.  But we'd been outplayed by a significant margin for the 59 minutes and 30 seconds that preceded those 30 seconds--outgained by 74 yards and outconverted by 8 first downs.  And when it mattered most, we couldn't stop them.  Central gained a total of 147 yards to reach the endzone on both of its final two non-onside-kick-commenced drives.  We were lucky to be in position to win the game with 30 seconds to go.

And you're lucky we continue to let you participate in Big Ten football, as you have less Big Ten titles than the University of Chicago.

This feels great.

And you, OSU, who have taken advantage of the worst years of the Big Ten, have shown time and again that you are built only for this conference, and only when it sucks.  With the coach you have, a sweatervested god in your world, you have reached your peak.  You will forever live off of that single National Championship in 2002 that required the participation of a future felon that took money from a booster.  Cue Dr. Saturday...

Ohio State's failure to beat a quality opponent since defeating Michigan to punch a ticket to the national championship game in 2006, Tressel's teams have been outclassed, outsmarted, outplayed and outprepared in every big game they've played.

More, more, more!

This was a giveaway game, one the Buckeyes absolutely should have won. But it wasn't the kind where the quarterback makes a boneheaded play at the end of the game, or where the runningback fumbled, or the cornerback slipped and fell, or the kickoff coverage broke down. It was a game where the coaching staff let everyone down by asking its team to execute a rubbish gameplan.

And from the SF Chronicle, and article titled "A Better Choice - Ann Arbor" infers that Pryor made the wrong choice...

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit and some other national experts say that the No. 11 Buckeyes proved they can play against the nation's elite. If by play against, they mean play not to lose and handcuff their exciting quarterback with conservative play calling, then yes Ohio State proved that.

Did I mention how great this feels?  One more shot from Black Shoe Diaries...

Congratulations, Ohio State. You have a five star quarterback that can't read defenses. He stares down his receivers, throws off his back foot, and forces passes he has no business throwing. On top of that, he's an inarticulate headcase who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut leaving one to suspect he has some self esteem issues he's trying to mask.

Ok, enough.  Here's some links about us...

Tate Forcier and Darryl Stonum were named big ten players of the week.  Sports Illustrated said this about the last spot in their Heisman watch list...

Heisman-o-meter: There are a number of players who could've landed in this spot. Along with the aforementioned Gilyard, Pike and Spiller, Purdue's Ralph Bolden, Notre Dame's Michael Floyd, Alabama's Mark Ingram (who battled the flu last week) and even Michigan's Tate Forcier are among the multiple contenders.

Ya, well, no.  But, ya. In other news, 

Charlie Puddingpants whined about officiating, but we later found that pictures don't lie.  Troy Wollfolk walks soft and carries an empty leash.  

About his dog  (BTW things seem to be awfully fun at pressers these days)...
"I kind of like to walk him in the dark because he's black and he can't be seen, so it's like I just have a leash," Woolfolk joked.

The Wolverine talks of Euphoria

Coming for you, Ron English...GO BLUE!!