The last couple of seasons have taken the edge off of my ability to hate. It's hard to pick on your rivals when they're beating you, it's even harder when everybody is beating you. So I went into this season focusing my efforts inward. What's wrong with my team? What does my team need to do to be relevant again?  How do we get back to 8-4, so we can move forward to 13-0?

They've taken it step by by game.  And with each step, the doubters only added doubts.  First UCONN is good, then we beat UCONN, so now UCONN sucks.  Somehow our Notre Dame win (on the road) wasn't nearly as impressive as MSU's (home, overtime, fake field goal).  The UMASS win was treated as a loss.  The Bowling Green win was brushed off.  And Indiana, despite having the #11 passing offense in the country BEFORE the Michigan game, is still considered Indiana.

But why can't the sum be greater than its parts?

I had an epiphany during the Indiana game on Saturday as I sat amongst the Michigan fans in Memorial Stadium (which was not sold out):  As long as teams don't figure out a way to score more than one touchdown in a single drive, we're going to be alright.  I mean, Indiana basically scored every time.  They put up astronomical offensive numbers.  It's impossible for it to be any worse.  I guess they could have scored faster, but then we would just have gotten the ball more.  Basically what I'm saying is that when it comes to offenses playing our defense, Indiana = UMASS = Florida = the 1999 St. Louis Rams.  So bring it on Big Ten.  You are all so lucky that our defense is super super shitty.  Because if it was just shitty, we'd be polishing that crystal football in January.  By my calculations, we've got two years to figure out how to put together a shitty defense, and when we do, you're all screwed.

And this just might be screwed anyway.