Rodriguez's Last Home Game? Denard's too.

Rich Rodriguez marched the Wolverines into Ross-Ade Stadium and posted the largest margin of victory over the Boilermakers in West Lafayette in 16 years.  That's before Lloyd Carr, who's largest margin of victory over Purdue in Ross-Ade was the (no-doubt thrilling) 9-3 decision in 1996.  But our world rests heavily...on very thin ice.  Therefore the haters will tell you that this win was not a Michigan win, it was a Purdue loss.  The defense, which posted its best numbers of the season from a yardage perspective, has had their performance dismissed as having run into a bad Purdue offense.  The naysayers would like you to concentrate not on the fact that the Wolverines gave up 29 less points in regulation than the week before, but that the offense (the #1 total offense in the Big Ten mind you) scored 18 less points than the week before.  I'm fairly certain that Coach needs one more victory to keep his job.  Again, the botching of Penn State may ultimately be his demise.  At worst, these last two games need to be close.  Blowouts will all but guarantee an unceremonious exit at the hands of the Harbaugh lovers.  But I have a question for those of you that are in that camp, those that are anti-Rodriguez, those that have ignored every positive aspect of the new regime in the name of all that is Lloyd...

Are you prepared for Saturday to be the last home game in a Michigan uniform for Denard Robinson, Tate Forcier, and Devin Gardner? Because if he goes...they go.  And they're likely to take quite a few other members of the offense with them.

We've waited 3 years.  We started from nothing (ya, I said it) and built ourselves into a bowl team.  We've seen things on offense that are unparalleled in Michigan history.  How can we not wait if it is getting better every year?  How can we not wait if it means we get to see Denard as a junior...then a senior?

The quickest path to Michigan being what they were may very well be firing Rodriguez and hiring Harbaugh...or Hoke (the horror)...or fill in "old regime slappy" here.  But the quickest path to Michigan being better than Michigan, like, better than one-National-Championship-every-50-years Michigan, is with Rodriguez.