The Big Fade

Fandom is predicated on emotion. And these swings are just too much. From knocking on death's door to being back in the hunt, and back again. Five wins in a row followed by three losses. It's taking it's toll on the fanbase, it's taking a toll on me, and it certainly must be taking a toll on these kids that bleed for us each Saturday. Their words say everything is fine, that they're not phased, that they are still going to turn it around, but no matter how you slice it, we're about as close to turmoil and anarchy as we can get. Until proven otherwise, we are safe to assume that this season is the same as the last. Penn State was but another nail in the coffin, and I am just being honest when I say I am still not over the initial nail that was Michigan State. They say that this next game is a must win. They said that about the last game. They'll say it about the next one too. But we're running out of must wins, and are coming dangerously close to having to do what is seemingly impossible...beat the Badgers or the Buckeyes.

What is our hope?  What is our end result?  Grab that elusive 6th victory and go to Detroit? or Dallas?  Hope to win there, snag an extra 15 practices, and move on to installing a new defensive coordinator with a new system and a new excuse as to why we can't stop anybody.

Or worse, lose out.  Suffer the embarrassment of two Big Ten wins in two years, lose the Coach that turned the worst offense in the Big Ten into the best offense in the Big Ten, and ride out a regime change that could set us back another three years.  We're a hair away from becoming Notre Dame.

There are no good outcomes remaining for the 2010 Wolverines...unless you believe in miracles.  Like winning the next two, and stealing one of the last two.  That's the dream scenario.  That's what we've come to, dreaming of beating the likes of Illinois and Purdue.  Praying to be competitive against Wisconsin and Ohio State, hoping that one of them will make enough mistakes so that we might steal a victory.

This is in no way, shape, or form Michigan Football.  And there's no way out.  There's no good solution.  I've become indifferent to the future, to Coach Rodriguez.  I so badly want him to turn this around, and yet I don't see how it is in his hands.  Worse yet, I'm not sure he could do anything about it if it was in his hands.  I'm just not sure about anything...outside of my loyalty.  I will be there when they take the field.  I will be there to watch them fight the good fight.  I will hope for that dream scenario.

On Saturday I just want to see something positive, some kind of progress, something that says we're moving forward.  A 3rd down stop or two would suffice, or a decent kick return, or even a field goal.  Show me something that keeps the fire lit.