The Buckeyes? They're Doing Everything I Want to Do

Let me make a short list...

1) Played a home at home with Texas in football

2) Played a home at home with USC in football

3) Won "the game" 6 consecutive times

4) Has a modern day "fab 5" (really 6) recruiting class coming in for hoops next year...and they don't even need it (BTW...66-55, Buckeyes over Michigan in hoops this afternoon)

5) And finally, the game I wanted, in the venue I wanted, has been scheduled for the team that I hate.  The Buckeyes will return the home at home to Navy in Baltimore to open the 2014 M&T Bank Stadium, the home of the Baltimore Ravens.

Lost in all this Rodriguez talk, in the idiotic NCAA investigation, and the lack of wins around here, is that we have a serious deficiency in COOL SHIT.  Cool shit creates a buzz, which makes people take notice of your program, which makes future recruits buy your hats and baggy shorts when they're 8 years old, virtually locking them in and creating recruiting classes 10 years in advance.

Somebody call Dave Brandon, and tell him that we need to fix Michigan Athletics the way he fixed the pizza at Dominos.  I'm sick of the bland taste and the cardboard crust.  Like it or not, Rich Rodriguez is the new spicy sauce...and that's why I want to keep him around, why I want him to succeed.  Throwing out the metaphors, I don't want to be scared to schedule a west coast road trip, or to agree to a home at home with a decent team.