Let's Settle That '97 Thing...Over and Over and Over

News comes at you pretty fast these days.  Remember when you returned home from a day at the office, flipped on the 6pm Sportscenter, and got an update on the days events in the world of sports?  Not so much anymore.  The deuche with the Michigan State pennant push-pinned to his cubicle wall likes to artfully time his stride to catch you on the way to the shitter, just to let you know that he heard Tom Izzo talked to Judd Heathcote and he told Judd he's not making any decisions until he finds out if LeBron is going to stay in Cleveland.  Guess what fuckstick?  I've got a smartphone too.  Oh, and all the computers here have internet access.  Also, I don't give a shit.  I mean, of course I'd like to see Tom Izzo to go to Cleveland, both because I think he would poop the bed in the NBA, and because I love to see coaches leave Michigan State.  Michigan State is not a destination...it's a layover.  Nobody is looking to reach the pinnacle of their career at Michigan State.  Plus, I would just LOVE to see the reaction over there in Little Brother Land.

Anyway, I was talking about news, and how fast it is...like Demar Dorsey fast.  I wish we could see how fast that is in Maize and Blue.  Alas, all of our arguments on whether we should have offered Demar a scholarship were just a giant waste of time.  I can't help but be a little bit concerned about how this all transpired, it makes us look a bit Notre Dame-ish.  But hey, if we've got some kind of standards, and those standards are used across the board, then I guess this is the right thing to do.  Right for who?  I'm not sure.  It's a losing situation for a kid trying to turn his life around, it's a losing situation for the football team's secondary, it's a losing situation for football recruiting since we come off as elitist...but it's a win for, um, academic integrity.  So there's that.  I just wish this didn't come off as another instance of poor communication with Rich Rod.  He's gotta feel like he's got a bit of egg on his face yet again.

And ya, it's been a while since I've written a post.  It's been a long strange journey of logo infractions and front page viruses and what-not here at UMTailgate.com.  There's also been some massive outbreaks of blog laziness with a side of indifference.  Because as each day passes, it seems as if there is something new and disappointing.  Something anti-Rod, or at least something quirky and Rod-related.  A bad story here,a stupid poll there.  These things have to be building up over at casa de Rodriguez.  Long story short, though I so desperately want him to be, I don't think Rich Rodriguez is going to be the coach here by the time we get around to playing Nebraska in-conference.  Which means before long, we will go back to being slow, methodical, and predictable.  I hope I'm wrong.

Speaking of Nebraska, I google-mapped the route from Ann Arbor to Lincoln, and it's like 750 miles.  That's the Metrodome plus 100 miles.  So if the rumors are indeed true, it looks like we've definitely got a destination we're going to need to fly to.  Though I'm not 100% confident in the validity of the news that the Cornhuskers are joining us, I am 100% fired up at the prospect of something different.  And if it turns out to be true, I hope that isn't the end of it.  12 is cool, but 16 is better, so let's get Mizzou and ND in here, and let's not give up on that Texas-Texas Tech combo.  Blow the whole thing up.