Really Pete Carroll? Really?

Just taking it all in here.  Izzo on the brink, conference realignment, and USC-ya.  Honestly, does anybody like Lane Kiffin?  Are the USC faithful sitting over there in L.A. saying to themselves "this is our guy"?  The sick feeling I get when I see Kiffin this how all the haters feel about Rich Rod here in Michigan?

But if you want to formulate a definition of slime ball liars, allow me to suggest as your poster boy one Pete Carroll, who dropped this gem on us LIVE on PETECAROLLTV.

"I'm absolutely shocked and disappointed at the findings of the NCAA"

I also can't believe that Herbstreit is giving these ass-clowns a pass on Sportscenter.  Whatever.  Shut 'em down.  2 years no bowls...and we're taking your girl's tennis wins away too.