"The Cove" Secured for Saturdays This Fall

I might be jumping the gun here, both because it's only June AND because I haven't received final confirmation from our newest landlord, but I'm fairly certain that it is safe to say that the tailgate has secured new digs for the 2010 football season.  I have affectionately branded it as "The Cove" for it's relative privacy.  It's tough for me not to hype it up, as it is a ridiculous amount of space...like, the kind of space where you will visit different places within the space throughout a tailgate.  For those that endured the tight fit of the 2009 campaign, I think you will definitely enjoy our new wide open spaces.  There's also a ton of parking for guests relatively close by.

Again, this is not a public venue, so just as we did last year, if you think you should be "in the know" then shoot be an email to me at frank at umtailgate dot com and I will provide you with the location.

The party begins in 10 weeks...gotta get back to planning!