Know Your Goals: The Big Ten Bowl Lineup for 2010-11

With realignment around the corner, this could be the last we see of some of these least in their current form.  But for now, it's important that we recognize the urgency surrounding the program with regards to making it into one of these games.  There may be some debate on what the number is that Coach Rodriguez has to hit to keep his it 7,8, or 9 wins...but there will be no debate if Ohio State is the last game we play.  No bowl....hello Jim or Les.

The selection order is as follows:

#1  Rose Bowl vs. Pac-10 (1/1/2011)

#2  Capital One Bowl vs. SEC (1/1/2011)

#3  Outback Bowl vs. SEC (1/1/2011)

#4  Gator Bowl vs. SEC (1/1/2011)

#5  Insight Bowl vs. Big 12 (12/28/2010)

#6  Texas Bowl vs. Big 12 (12/29/2010)

#7  Dallas Football Classic vs. Conference USA or Big 12 (1/1/2011)

#8  Little Ceasar's Pizza Bowl vs. MAC (12/26/2010)