BTN Awards

The Big Ten Network's midwest-centric repackaging of the ESPY awards happens tonight...and the marquis matchup is Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich for coach of the year.  Seriously, Michigan State playing Ohio State in an athletic capacity turns my stomach enough, but when Tom Izzo faces off against Jim Tressell, we all let's hope that Illinois men's gymnastics coach Justin Spring pulls off the upset.

Also of note, the Michigan Men's Gymnastics team is up for team of the year...vs. MSU hoops, OSU hoops, and OSU Football.  Michigan also appears in pretty much every entry into the "game of the year" category...all on the losing, um, yay for being competitive?

Anyway, tune in tonight at 7pm to see Dave Revsine and Gene Keady wear tuxedos.