"Our Defensive Backfield Sucks" and Other Things You've Said Every Year Since 1997

Please be aware that the writing of this post was rudely interrupted by the great "Titties Twitter About Tate" fiasco.  It was supposed to be about how nobody should panic over the Woolfolk injury because having a crappy and/or inexperienced secondary is as much of a Michigan tradition as winged helmets, the inability to stop running quarterbacks, and predictable offensive playcalling.  I mean, you were likely to be calling for Cullen Christian to get in the game by week two anyway.  So here you go.  The future is now.

And let me be the dispenser of all the "everything's gonna be all right" kool-aid tonight...Forcier is going to transfer at some point anyway, it's part of his genetic code, so if tonight's the night, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

Probably not the time for this type of musing, but this post is all over the place anyway, so I should mention that barring what I would perceive as a miracle, this is likely Rodriguez's last year as the Wolverine coach.  As you might know, it's not as simple as stay or go.  It's much more black and white...much more concrete.  He is going to be fired, or he's going to get a contract extension.  College coaches don't play out final years of contracts, they get extensions so they can assure recruits that they are going to be here.  So if I told you that those are the options...fired or extension...which one would you bet on happening at the end of the 2010 campaign?

I want to believe.  I want to imagine that Michigan will be walking out of the Horseshoe in November with heads held high, whether it be in victory or defeat, and that I won't be home for New Year's.  I just don't see it....yet.

Some other things you should know: