Weekend Roundup: August 23, 2010

It's becoming pretty clear that QB1 is not Tate's job to lose anymore.  However, Tate spoke this weekend and I gotta say, if his actual maturity level is anywhere near the maturity level he's been coached into portraying, he's going to be a tremendous leader.  He's saying all the right things:

I got a big head. ... The thing I learned after last year was to be humble. It's such a big jump. It would be hard for any freshman to come in here and do that. You're not just at any university. You're at Michigan. It's Michigan. That's why I came here. It's Michigan. It's different. It's the top stage for everything. It was hard for me to handle last year, and I learned from mistakes.

And regarding Troy Woolfolk...

I stop by his..room every day.  Every since that day he called me out I feel I’m obligated to show him, show the rest of the seniors, that I’m all in on this team and it’s all about Michigan.

Getting a little bit fired up over here.  It's like 11 days away people.

The huge Media Day post over at MGoBlog will take care of all of your interview needs from the weekend, and Maize and Brew provides a nice summary of the scrimmage.

Meanwhile....in Columbus...

Everybody's favorite Buckeye (who was ineligible in 2002, just like the Reggie Bush situation, but nobody did anything about it for some reason so OSU got to keep their tainted-by-bullshit-interference-call national title) Maurice Clarett, who is currently taking classes at OSU, is planning to try out for the Omaha Nighthawks.  We wish the best to Mo in his continuing quest to get his goose on.

I told you last week that the Troy Woolfolk thing was no big deal, Maize and Blog gives you 5 more reasons why you shouldn't worry.

Prepare yourself for this year's first theme with this Inception-remixed trailer for Caddyshack.