Staying Grounded in the "New Era"

So, you like this Denard kid eh?  Me too.  This is kinda how I imagined things going a couple years ago.  But, with no intended disrespect to the boys that took the snaps in 2008, you cannot make chicken salad out of chicken shit.  The improvement in Robinson's ability to execute the Rodriguez gameplan is the reason we are 2-0 today.  It's the reason people are saying that things are different this year.

But is it different?  There's just not enough data to answer that with a qualified "yes."  Is UCONN 2010 > Western 2009?  Is Notre Dame 2010 > Notre Dame 2009?  Tough to judge.  What's not tough to judge is the defense, which despite it's somewhat perceived improvement, still is at or near the bottom of the NCAA in every category.  And this is with Michigan's offense sustaining more drives and in kind limiting the number of opponent possessions.  Not a good sign.

Rushing Defense: 146 yards per game, 74th nationally

Passing Defense: 293 yards per game, 109th nationally

Total defense: 439 yards per game, 104th nationally

Sacks: 0.5 per game, 109th nationally

Right.  I hate to be all Debbie Downer again this week, but just remember to keep those expectations in check.  We're all looking ahead to MSU.  But we shouldn't be.  Think it's impossible for Michigan to lose this weekend?  I've got the towel I cried tears into and a lifetime of BTN replays from 2007 that should help you to know better.  Think BGSU is going to get rolled in the Big House?  Try Toledo on for size.  And Indiana?  We needed a valiant Tate comeback to pull that one out at home last year.  This year it's on the road.  If we pull that one out, we will double the number of Big Ten road wins for Michigan in the Rodriguez era.

Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing. Eyes Right, Mind Right , Stay Hungry and Sell Out.

That's all we can do.