Weekend Roundup, 2012 Edition: February 7, 2011

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  • Michigan State lost to Wisconsin 82-56 on Sunday.  This guy in my office tells me they played much better than they did when they played Iowa.  I almost didn't hear his analysis because I was laughing so hard.  But I do have this MSU blog that I trust, and he said the same thing, so ya, maybe.
  • Tate started visiting schools today.  Kansas State and Miami are on the list, but none of that compares to the update made to Tate's homepage, where a photoshopped Yoda-Bo and Tate Skywalker discuss Tate's transfer.  No, seriously.


  • Though this article in AnnArbor.com seems to insinuate otherwise, I believe that the current staff was happy to reach out to former players.  I do, however, believe that there were a lot of players that refused to reciprocate.
  • Phil Simms came close to cleaning Desmond Howard's clock on Saturday in an attempt to defend his son whom Howard called "one of the worst quarterbacks in the SEC."  Desmond broke the story on twitter...very 2011 of him.  Follow him: @desmond_howard.  Follow me: @umtailgate.
  • Rittenburg rates Michigan's 2011 recruiting class.
  • MGoBlog covers the 2012 offensive recruiting hotlist.
  • Brady was in the barbershop and the townspeople asked if he plans to run a man-to-man or zone defense.  An eighty year old man suggested that "zone was the only thing that worked in the past."  Another person said that if Jimmy switches to Terhune then we haven't got a prayer.  Looks like we are going with the 4-3.