Weekend Roundup: Gone But Not Dead Edition 6/11/2012

  • BTN will air 15 games during the first three weekends of the season, including Michigan vs. UMASS on 9/15, which makes Michigan's first three home games (Air Force, UMASS, Illinois) 3:30pm kickoffs.  BTN Schedule | ESPN schedule | Michigan's Schedule.  Michigan will not play a noon game until at least 10/20 vs. Michigan Agricultural College (TBD), and has three night games (Bama, ND, Nebraska) to deal with in their first 8 contests.  Think the powers that be enjoyed "Under the Lights" at all?
  • Brady Hoke says Michigan's top priority remains beating Ohio State.  My top priority is that we beat Sparty...and it was my top priority last year.
  • Rittenburg/Bennett present Michigan's keys for 2012.  Bennett has a face for radio and a voice presence for blogging, but the notes are good.  Robinson's footwork, Defensive Line depth, and good health are highlighted.
  • Some future scheduling notes from AnnArbor.com, including the Wolverines looking to add more service academy games (very Notre Dame of us), the impending Pac-12 home-at-home pact, App State, and changing the UCONN venue.
  • MVictors profiles a UM memorabilia collector that is looking to move programs from every home game since 1975 (233 in all) for $1165.  I'm pretty sure the Godfather has all of those...and most of the away games.  And yet I think he might be interested in this collection, because he is an addict.
  • Women's Football academy video...suddenly becomes important because it shows Devin Gardner wearing Roy Roundtree's old number (12), further fueling the rumors of his move to receiver.