We Want It All

(HT: Maize and Blue Nation) The MGoBlue.com video series "Countdown to Kickoff" highlighted Michigan's May trip to California where they trained for three days with the Navy SEALs.  It gets a little boring toward the end, but it's definitely worth watching.  Three takeways:

1)  Brady Hoke's old school Michigan polo now has a Rose Bowl pin or logo next to the helmet, either a sign that the team goal is the Rose Bowl, or something he pinned on for their trip to the Pasadena for a youth football camp.  I'm guessing the former.

2)  The team motto is "We Want it All," revealed at the 3:05 mark.

3)  There's a shirt emblazoned with "#EATING" which no doubt refers to Denard's two-handed post-big-play eating move.  It also is perfect for tailgating.  I will have one.

UPDATE:  ...or not, seems it's a shirt from Martavious Odoms Hope for Pahokee organization (Thanks to super team insider MGoJen for the info).  They're available, and they're for charity, so get one for yourself.