Weekend Roundup, "'Cause I Got a Golden Ticket" Edition: 8/6/2012

They're here.  All six of them.  Smallest ticket package that has arrived at my home in some time.  The tickets are significantly smaller (as in not lanyard compatible like last year) and there's not many.  And the prices on them are exuberant.  Seems like only yesterday we hit that $75 face mark....and now we've got a $95 MSU ticket.  This shit ain't getting any cheaper folks.

Here's what happened around the internets while you watched the tigers beat Ohio.

  • You like the new Big Ten logo, or the new B1G logo?  Well, we we've got one on the home jersey now, and a pair on the field.  Maize and Blue Nation discusses the process, which involved cutting out a chunk of the field turf and replacing it with a new piece with the logo on it.
  • MGoBlog covers the new numbers for the incoming freshman as well as growing beard progress and "dread-flow."
  • Speaking of tickets arriving, Dooley covers the team numbers and the guys being honored in each game.   This new patch every game, in my opinion, completely cheapens the whole legends jersey idea.  Anyway, he points out a glaring flaw in the Gary Moeller ticket...while I still ponder how we don't have egg on our face as an institution for firing a coach and honoring him 18 years later.  Weird?  Weird.
  • Sporting News has a nice article on the hoops revival in Ann Arbor.
  • The first home game is Air Force.  A game that concerns me.  Now they're down 5 dudes, all starters or penciled in starters.  Now we can concentrate on the tailgate.
  • AnnArbor.com profiles Matt Wile vs. Will Hagerup in the battle to see who 's gonna nail those coffin corners.
  • 26 long years of waiting, and the Big Ten championship rings have arrived in Ann Arbor.
  • ESPN reports on... Exit Justin Brown, the latest Penn State starter to see the light and get the hell out of State College.
  • When I was 11 and I had a paper route, my mother was terrified I was going to be kidnapped.  What she didn't realize, is that I, at a robust 160lbs, I was the last kid they were looking to take.  Too much heavy lifting.  When I heard that Montee Ball got attacked, and that it was a random act of violence....I called bullshit from jump street.  Nobody looks to attack 5'11'', 210 pound muscle-bound football players.  Big surprise...ESPN says it looks like it was more than just random.  These boys are in some trouble, no doubt further weakening a Leaders division that already only has 4 teams eligible for postseason play.