Twitter Tuesday: 8/7/2012

It's day two of practice.  It's 25 days until gameday.  It's the best of twitter from Tuesday:

I remember when Wisconsin was Indiana.  Now they have been to 8 of the 67 Big Ten appearances in the Grand Daddy, trailing only Michigan (20) and Ohio State (14).  USC (32) is the only program that has been to the Rose Bowl more than Michigan.

Yes Penn State, let's drag this out some more.  I will enjoy watching this play out in court with lawyers.  You're hemorrhaging money.

Oh ya.  Practice play-by-play on radio is a great idea.  But hey, I'll listen.

I'll take it.  I think.  Oh this era of 14 possible games, that means 9-5.

Might be time to settle the referee labor dispute.