What's Up This Weekend? Cripple Fights!

What a great week for a bye week!  Because I really want to sit and marinate on that loss from last week.  It deserves a proper breakdown.  5 passes, 5 interceptions....and we're done.  


Well, the rest of the Big Ten is in action this weekend, and 10 have in-conference games...so after getting beat up by the MAC for three weeks, they've reached the easy part of their season:

  • Minnesota at Iowa (noon, ESPN...the ocho?)  The Gophers are looking to make it 3 straight against the Hawkeyes and remain undefeated.  The Hawkeyes are coming off of loss to Central.  Ferentz is on the hot seat.  Must see TV.
  • Indiana at Northwestern (noon, ESPN)  Indiana looks to take on that bend-don't-break Northwestern defense.  Northwestern tries to keep pace with Minnesota as the toast of the conference.
  • Penn State at Illinois (noon, ESPN)  All of these games are on ESPN?  How will the nation watch them all?  Penn State is looking better.  Illinois is looking like they hired the wrong coach.  This is a home-at-home for Illinois, who travelled to Penn State just a couple of months ago....not to play, but to poach their players.  Fun.
  • An elusive 3:15PM kickoff for Marshall at Purdue on the BTN.  Just in case you wanted to miss the 4th quarter of all the noon games, you can switch over to this one.  Once Marshall sees the abomination that is Ross-Ade Stadium, they'll wish McConaughey wouldn't have convinced them to continue the program.
  • Ohio at Michigan Agricultural College (3:30PM, ABC)  Gather the family in the living room to watch what is sure to be a classic Big Ten matchup between a team that shouldn't be ranked...and a team that is banned from being ranked in one of the polls.
  • Wisconsin at Nebraska (8PM, ABC)  You won't even have to change the channel to enjoy more Big Ten conference action.  Unconfirmed rumor is that since Tom Osbourne is retiring from his athletic director position, Nebraska is in line for a National Championship!

Okay, what you really should watch...

  • Noon, FX - #25 Baylor at #9 West Virginia: Channel your inner RichRod
  • 3:30PM, CBS - Tennessee at #5 Georgia: This used to be big, and you miss Vern Lundquist
  • 6PM, ESPN - #4 Florida State at South Florida: Because FSU might actually be back
  • 8PM, FOX - #12 Texas at Oklahoma State: Because "I'm a man" and Texas has scored 148 points in its three games.

Enjoy your week off.  Refocus.  #wintherest  #roadtoindy