Staff Predictions for Purdue

Hey, a bye week is a bye week.  Bite me.

Tuba says:

Back to the drawing board coming off the bye. I can't imagine 1. going 2-3 to start the season, 2. losing to Purdue more than once every 10 years and C. the offense not getting their shit together.

Plus, if Romney can struggle to get his own party's nomination and then obliterate the incumbent, Michigan can surely turn things around despite what appears to be a bleak outlook.

Michigan 31 Purdue 21

The Webmaster Says:

We don't lose Big Ten openers coming off a bye week (just a guess...not sure if we have even ever opened the Big Ten season coming off a bye).  But we also never play well in Ross-Ade.  However, we should be able to get some kind of offensive rhythm going against a defense that is susceptible to a halfway decent offense, which is what we have when we're not being stupid.  Purdue will find a way to keep it close for a while, but barring any hook-and-laterals and assuming Denard will not be given the option to throw five passes let alone five interceptions...I think this is where we announce our intention to compete in this shitty league.

Michigan 38 - Purdue 16