Weekend Roundup, Sticking Around Edition: September 4, 2012


Penn State played football on Saturday.  They lost to Ohio.  They're in a place, mentally, physically, and as an institution, that is so horrific, that you wouldn't wish it upon your worst enemy.  But they had a packed stadium.  They probably will continue to have a packed stadium for some time.  People in Happy Valley will ride this out.  And someday, someway, Penn State will have some semblance of a comeback as a football team.  And yes, this has nothing to do with Michigan.  And yes, this whole idea of sticktoittiveness having some link to where we are as Michigan fans now that we got our necks stepped on is way too dramatic, if not borderline inappropriate.  Ours is a football problem...but a problem nonetheless.  Alas, we have reached the point in the season (and this won't be the last time) where I bash the team soon after the game, then sleep on it, then look for reasons to make corned beef hash next Saturday morning by citing homer data.

Maybe Alabama is that good.  I give you this from MGoBlog:

Various recent Alabama scores:  2011 Citrus Bowl: Alabama 49, MSU 7...2011 Arkansas: 38-14...2011 Florida: 38-10...2011 Tennessee: 37-6...2011 Auburn: 42-14...National title game: 21-0 over LSU, LSU never crosses midfield.

Maybe Denard wasn't under orders, but instead was reading the impossible-for-Denard-to-run run coverage.  From the Labor Day presser:

Their nickel or their safeties, you could action the other way, they weren’t moving. They were waiting. It could have been the backer, depends if they dropped the safety down or the backer out, drop the safety inside -- they weren’t moving.  -  Brady Hoke

Fitzgerald Toussiant will play against Air Force.  From MLive...

Toussaint's loss was particularly impactful against the Tide, who held Michigan (0-1) to 69 yards rushing. Tailbacks Vincent Smith and Thomas Rawls combined for just 42.  Toussaint surpassed 100 yards rushing in four of his six games last year as the Wolverines' designated featured back. He finished with 1,041 yards on the season, Michigan's first 1,000-yard tailback since Mike Hart in 2007.

We are far from being "back," but the building blocks are here.  From Freep / Maize and Brew:

The only thing to take away from this game is a deeper understanding of what greatness really looks like. Michigan got a glimpse of a truly great team, losing completely and in every aspect of the game. But U-M is also slowly building its program in the image of an Alabama or an LSU. Strong defense matched with an efficient pro-style offense. It may not be there yet -- Saturday showed just how far away things really are -- but if there is hope for Michigan, it is this: The kind of team the Wolverines hope to build exists already.

The goal is still intact.  Angel writes...

What the effect of that loss might be was hard to tell in the moments following the loss. But at least one player, senior safety and team captain Jordan Kovacs while disappointed with the Wolverines' showing, knows that in the end, a loss to Alabama does not have to derail their overall season goals.  Michigan coach Brady Hoke has called last year's 11-2 season with a Sugar Bowl victory a disappointment because the Wolverines did not win the Big Ten title.  Kovacs' point after the Alabama loss was this: The Big Ten championship is still on the table.  "Oregon lost this game (last year) and did the same thing," Kovacs said, referring to the Ducks reaching the Rose Bowl.

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