The Big UMTailgate in Big D: Eat, Drink and Be Merry Before Kickoff

It seemed like everybody decided with about 3 days before kickoff that they wanted to be a part of the Cowboys Classic, and somehow something I spent six months planning took these people a couple of hours and a couple of layovers to accomplish.  Cheers to you bastards, as we all experienced the same fun (and the same hurt).  So much for being proactive.  We had an amazing...absolutely AMAZING...turnout at the tailgate.  It was bigger than a Gar homegame by noon.  A huge shout out to Bernie, Vik and Manny (the men with the plan) and to our buddy Chris and his locally based crew for squatting at the wee hours of the morning so we had enough room for all the tents.  I think we had more tents than we usually have at our home space.  And with the sun baring down and 100+ on the thermometer, we needed all of them.

The tables were filled with BBQ, the glasses were filled with cocktails, and there was enough cold beer to satiate an army.  And an army is what we had.  The guys in charge made Dallas feel like home.  As we tailgated in the shadows of the house that Jerry built, we were all filled with hope of something magical.  It sucks when the tailgate ends and reality sets in.  Pictures from the long weekend are below, and are also available in the game recap page.