Have You Seen Ohio's Schedule?

Is this for real?  Found this in my twitter archives from earlier this month:

ohio schedule 2013.jpg

Cute TTUN reference aside, coming off a sanction stained season of perfection that will no doubt be a motivational factor, this slate is a recipe for repeat perfection.  Ugh.  I guess it's relative.  Is the Big Ten going to start making a comeback nationally?  Who are the powers of the Big Ten for '13?  Does Penn State have a year left in them before the penalties start to really take their toll?  Will Ferentz make Iowa competitive and save his high paying job?  Is Northwestern planning to turn the corner?  

Anyway, Urban, unless you have another nervous breakdown like you had at Florida, we'll see you at our house on the 30th.  I'm looking for that season ruining '95, '96, '97 magic.  Also, I can hear the echoes of Coach Hoke's cracking voice telling me we only worry about Michigan at Michigan...or perhaps that was RichRod.  No matter, here's our schedule for posterity:

2013 Schedule.png

Not exactly a host of world beaters...though BCS Championship Game runner-up Notre Dame does come to Ann Arbor for Under the Lights part deux.  Also, at Sparty, at NW, at PSU all reserve the right to be challenges.

It's fun to look at football in February.  51 days until the Spring Game.  You got a hotel for UCONN yet?

Keep calm and GO BLUE!