Theme Revealed: 8/31 Central Michigan

Instead of one giant 2013 themes post I thought I'd spread stuff out this year because as you all know I get paid on a per-post basis here at  I kid, I kid...I do it all for the love.  

Also, a more usable (maybe) calendar feature will be available at the top of the page under the 2013 tab that lets you add things to ical or google calendar.  I added that because the Godfather likes to be organized.

And finally, the 2005 season has been added to the marquee...and 2004 is almost complete...which leaves just four seasons 2000-2003 before the entire history of the tailgate is finally once again available on the site.

Without further ado, the home opening tailgate theme is.... 


8/31/13 Central Michigan
Kickoff: 3:30pm
Theme: Luau

The much sought after (by me at least) 3:30pm opener kickoff will either give us time to get our feet wet or kill us where we can go either way, not unlike Goody.  Regardless, dig your leis out of the closet, slap on your favorite Tommy Bahama, and plan on a pork-based menu that will feature pork belly breakfast hash and then either a whole damn pig or a shit-ton of ribs.  The luau theme last appeared two seasons ago for the home opener against Western, and first appeared nine years ago in 2004 for the opener against Miami of Ohio in what was Chad Henne's first start.