Theme Revealed: 10/19 Indiana

It may not seem like I'm ready, but I'm ready.  Are you ready?


The Indiana Hoosiers come to town on October 19th, and I plan to welcome Michigan State's cross-divisional rival with open Cougar-Mellencamp arms.  In honor of the drunk little asshat that Stephen had to chase away from our tailgate at Indiana last time, the theme will be White Trash, last seen as a theme during Under the Lights Part 1.  


Wear your favorite Walmart Wolverine gear:  yellow jerseys, jerseys with MICHIGAN as the name on the back..or better yet emblazoned on the front above the number, pleather jackets, overalls, and wife beaters.  Fried bologna sandwiches will help us hearken back to the early days of Godfather and Captain Michigan, before they gave themselves their nicknames.  A 3:30pm kick means more fun, and also means breakfast AND lunch.  A Garbage Plate of breakfast meats, potatoes, and cheeses will lay a base for your Schlitz.  The afternoon will have grilled cheeses and sloppy joes joining the bologna party.