Theme Revealed: 11/9 Nebraska

Were you aware that we have two bye weeks?  That's two breaks for your liver...two breaks for your cholesterol....two weekends to remain on the couch watching (scouting) other college football games.  


Following the bye on 10/26, the Wolverines will travel to East Lansing on 11/2.  They will be returning to Ann Arbor with the Paul Bunyan trophy.  This will warrant a celebration.  We will honor Mr. Bunyan with a tailgate in his honor, a Lumberjack Themed Tailgate.  There's going to be a chill in the air.  It will probably be raining and gloomy.  But there's something comforting about blue tarps and steam rising off of grills and out of pots.  Flannel shirts, biscuits and gravy, sausage and cheese chowder, soups, and stews.  What could be better?

Full disclosure, this theme is basically a re-branding of the Soups and Stews theme and will be called Soups and Stews if the worst were to happen on 11/2.