Weekend Roundup, Molly Ringwold Edition: March 24, 2013

Is it me, or are there only about six different advertisers for all three of the channels broadcasting the NCAA tournament.  Shit is getting repetitive.  Here's what happened around the internet while you got a hole in one, a 5-card royal flush, and won the lottery in the same day:

  • We won.  Michigan sent Wofford and Texas back to their respective homes and will move on to Indianapolis to face Tennessee on Friday, and the winner of Louisville vs. Kentucky on Sunday,  Texas blurbs...
    • UMHoops covers Jordan Morgan's career day and his mantra of "I don't want to go home"
    • Ace covers the statistical differences and requests a bow from John Beilein over on MGoBlog
    • Maize and Go Blue gives his three stars to Morgan, GRIII, and Stauskas
    • The Daily Texan says very little
  • Maize N Brew has reached part 3 of a 3-part series on how Brady Hoke can get the 9 wins he needs to remain the head coach
  • MLive shows the math on how the football teams revenues sustain the Michigan athletic department
  • ESPN reports that Graham Glasgow is out for the rest of spring and for the opener against App State.  Preliminary indications it's for a driving related offense.

Also, happy Mike Legg goal (3/24/96) anniversary!