12 Teams Remain, 38 Brackets Still with a Chance

We beat this version of the Vols by 30

We beat this version of the Vols by 30

Big game tonight?  Big game tonight.  Between Ken Pomeroy, BPI, RPI, and all the talking heads, I have no idea whether I should be confident,  but I guess I am for today.  I think the reason I'm confident is my trust in Beilein and what he can do with this team in 6 days.  Couple that with the fact that I don't think there is all that much difference between Tennessee and Texas, and that helps me to lean the scales towards us playing on Sunday.  I had Tennessee in this game against us in my bracket, and the funny thing about that is that I had them because of the dual team selection method...in short, I thought it would be Iowa, not Tennessee, making their way past Duke (not Mercer).  Well, it seems two wrongs occasionally make a right.

Anyway, Michigan is effectively two wins away from adding John Beilein to Michigan's Mount Rushmore of coaches.  Bo level shit people.  Exciting times.

And somewhat exciting times remain for 38 brackets in the UMTailgate.com tournament challenge.  The percentages vary, and change rapidly from game to game, but a little more than a third of the brackets still have a chance to take the first place cash.  Below are those with a better than 5% chance at just that:

Not sure what kind of posting frequency you can expect in the next 72-hours...could be too sad...could be celebrating too hard....could be too lazy.  But either way, Go Blue, Go Cavs, and good luck with your brackets.