Staff Predictions for Notre Dame

The Webmaster Says:

Seriously?  You guys don't want to play anymore?  Good.  I hate playing at your place with your manskirted band members and your girl/boy split cheers.  I have, however, really enjoyed doing that whole "breaking your heart with less than a minute to go" thing with some regularity.  

Tomorrow?  I just don't know.  

  • We're motivated because you're chicken.  You're motivated because you're chicken.  Edge: EVEN  
  • You have a bunch of guys that cheated on tests and have to sit out...but that gave you a chip on your shoulder because everybody said your season was over.  Edge: EVEN  
  • Brian Kelly is known as a pretty good X's and O's man, but is terrible at predicting weather.   Brady Hoke doesn't wear a headset, and ignores the weather when getting dressed on gamedays, but has really good assistants (me thinks).  Edge: EVEN
  • Devin is good.  Which one?  Both.  But Everett is good too, and is all rested from having a season off.  Edge: EVEN
  • You have a mosaic of Jesus overlooking the field.  Edge:  ND

Notre Dame 34 - Michigan 28


Tuba Says:

I texted this to Frank on Sunday:

"Just remember this: as much as college football plays no favorites - losing to OSU the day after Bo died - ND pulled out of this series. Don't think that won't be added motivation."

We hired Hoke because TRADITION! And he hired Mattison because, well, he's a kick ass coach but also TRADITION! These guys aren't going to let us lose this game. You don't think Mattison, ND's former DC doesn't want the last one in this series?! 

Golson is an exciting player. And in his case, absence makes the heart grow stronger. I'm not questioning his playmaking ability but DEVIN FUNCHESS MAN. They're rebuilding their D Line and we're establishing our O Line. If that's simply a push we score 40. If our line struggles we're still scoring 38. But think about their D Line for a minute, no Tuitt or Nix and their DC Bob Diaco fled for a head coaching job. 

I'm not sure how our D is going to hold up but we're not giving up 40. And that's the magic number right there. Trust me, you can fear Touchdown Jesus all you want, but we've got an edge in this one y'all. Believe it.

UM - 40 
ND - 27