Merry Land

There's not much to say anymore, not before we take our bellies full of leftover turkey and drive south to hell.  This turnaround is historic.  And so fast.  This journey from self-loathing to chest-thumping is difficult to comprehend, and tough for those of us that have been to a game or two (hundred) to believe in.  We were there for that Sugar Bowl season under Hoke when we were "back," and that 2006 season when we were "unstoppable."  So this isn't over, but I again refer to the eye test, that this week showed us a quarterback developing into a bonafide threat rather than a game manager.  Harbaugh has out-Lloyded Lloyd, creating a season long gameplan hiding chess game that has shown so many looks with different strengths and different weaknesses that opponents can't pick a poison.  And by the time they decide, they're down by 21.

We killed the Terrapins on Saturday.  It was over immediately.  There was a double lateral.  As I said previously, we are literally f*cking with teams.  With every blowout, the team's future gets brighter.  2nd string gets playing time, pushes 1st string, everybody gets better and 2017 is on track...snowball effect.

So here we are, 9 and friggin' 0, with our 2nd of the 3 juggernaut away contests, this one possibly even easier than the last, despite it being just our second venture outside of the state of Michigan.  Another team dying to save their season by finding a way to beat us.  Another team that can declare a moral victory if they keep it under 20.