With the most important game of their season, and perhaps in the history of Michigan Football, looming next week, it would have been easy to lose focus in Bloomington against the upstart Hoosiers. The Wolverines did just the opposite. Firing on all cylinders, the Michigan machine rolled out in dominating fashion. They ended all doubt. They quelled all the naysayers. They did not play down to the level of their opponent, but instead played up to the level of their next opponent. Quickly and with surgical precision, Michigan put away the Hoosiers of Indiana. They outgained Indiana, 376 yards to 131 yards, went 5-10 on third down, went 12 of 16 passing, rushed for 208 yards, had a special teams touchdown, and held the Hoosiers to 26 yards on the ground. 

I could see my breath in the cold air of an early evening in Bloomington as I bellowed out "BLUUUUUUUUUE". Just minutes before, Steve Breaston put an exclamation point on the day, returning an Indiana punt 82-yards for a touchdown, beginning a mass exodus of Hoosier fans. Memorial Stadium, with its large Michigan contingency, began to echo with cheers of "GO BLUE" and The Victors. But as time began to expire, those in attendance began to realize that there were just four quarters remaining in this magical season, as rhythmic chants of "BEAT THE BUCKEYES" rang out. Michigan knocks off Indiana in Bloomington 34-3.


Traveling six strong in an RV, the tailgate really started around 5:30pm on Friday when we departed for Bloomington and lasted straight through to just a few hours before this post. So much food was prepared, we began to invite everyone we could gather in the RV lot to come and feast with us. Of course, the drinks flowed freely as well, as we had our first Bloody Mary bar since Notre Dame weekend. Needless to say, I'm writing this now through one half-opened bloodshot eye...though more from sleep deprivation than alcohol. Last to pass out, I could have been the conductor of a snoring symphony of our group of six. Better stop myself now...what happens on the RV, stays on the RV. We did take a moment to celebrate the birthday of a Hall of Famer and Founding Father of the tailgate...the Godfather himself. Congrats to the Godfather on beating the odds and making it another year!

Kind of a big game this week. You might have heard about it on TV. Hopefully lots of content all week....and I still don't have a ticket to the game (seriously) so if anyone has any leads, please let me know at