Case of the Mundys: The New House Edition 11/13/06

Less than 5 days remain before a small group of UMTailgaters will venture to Hell on Earth. I am caught halfway between "giddy with anticipation" and "scared shitless of what the fans are capable of." Either way, I am worthless at work and sleepless at home. It's not because I'm caught up in the X's and O's of Saturday's contest, for I am not an X's and O's type of guy. This game is and always will be about emotion. Win or lose, you'll probably be able to find me after the game in tears.

"Throw out the record books" is a phrase often used to describe rivalry games, but that doesn't do justice to Michigan-Ohio State. There will be two completely teams on the field from the ones you've been watching all season. Hits will be harder, everything and everyone will be faster, and sound from referee whistles will take longer to register in the ears of the players.  

Unless you're John Dogan, this is the biggest regular season college football game to occur in your lifetime.

What you might have missed while finishing that case of Natty Light:

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  • MGoBlue isn't screwing around with there game page. The bad by a former Ohio State QB and a former Fighting Irish coach. The good Brent Musberger. [MGoBlue]

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  • As much as I love the idea, these inside the stadium pics turn my stomach a bit. [UMich]

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  • This may save my life. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Injury Report

  • Antonio Bass: out for season

  • Mike Kolodziej: out for season

  • Prescott Burgess: ankle, magically healed for OSU

  • All others healed magically by the waters of the Cooley Fountain.