Way Back When-sday: November 22, 1969

Before I get to the flashback, I must take a minute whenever our little website gets a little national pub. CSTV.com has picked UMTailgate.com to weigh in on The Victors vs. Dot the "i"...Here's the link.

Also, you should have one of these for Saturday.

As for the flashback, I will simply use the words of the great Bob Ufer...

Do you remember when Woody Hayes came to Ann Arbor with a team that was billed as the Dream Team of the 1960’s? Heralded as one of the greatest teams in the 100 year history of intercollegiate football? Riding a 22 game winning streak? No Michigan man will ever forget that."

That was Saturday November 22, 1969,
The day Ohio came to bury Michigan,
all wrapped in maize and blue,
The words were said, the prayers were read, and everybody cried,
But when they closed the coffin, there was someone else inside.

Oh the Buckeyes came to bury the Wolverines,
but Michigan wasn't dead.
And when the game was over,
it was someone else instead!
22 Michigan Wolverines put on the gloves of grey,
and as Revelli played "The Victors"
buried Woody Hayes away!