For Your Consideration


We don't deserve it. No excuses. But it seems like some of the pundits think we do, and we see that as an opening to state our case:

Dear Committee-

We want to dance. We beat Indiana. Also Maryland. And we own Shaka Smart no matter where he coaches. Speaking of coaches, ours is a real sweetheart. Nicest guy in the NCAA. Perfect tournament ambassador. And remember that cute little kid that had 17 points in the first half of the 2013 Championship game? He's on our bench! Sure he's in street clothes, but you know Jim Nance wants to tell that story again. Then there's the Harbaugh angle. Run with it. We can have him climb a tree outside any arena or wrestle Clark Kellogg.

We dont care if we have to play Tuesday or Wednesday first, in this season full of injuries and Caris uncertainty, we'd really appreciate you letting us just check the box.

In closing, I give you Ren McCormick, who is going to bring a little God into the equation in case thats your thing. Thanks and Go Blue!