Weekend Roundup has "A Guy That's Better Than Lunardi"

  • Beilein knew we were in. Because at the top of the list of prognosticators is the man upstairs.
  • First Round tip times are here. In short, we play Tulsa Wednesday at 9:30p, Notre Dame Friday at 9:00p, and then West Virginia on Sunday time TBA. See you bitches in Brooklyn.
  • Here's a list of all seeds in order. Kinda cool.
  • The generic bracket includes such gems as [Cardinal Direction] [State You've Never Been to]
  • LSU, despite ESPN trying as hard as they could, could not get LSU into the tournament. So they are taking their ball and going home
  • If you were wondering how all these teams (like Cuse and Michigan AND Vanderbilt...AND Wichita St.) got in, one of the reasons is that St Bonaventure got jobbed.